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 - I nk- nk- I io fiiffrfio, My 7- 7- Arrived:...
I nk- nk- I io fiiffrfio, My 7- 7- Arrived: v'ilko-l-arr. v'ilko-l-arr. v'ilko-l-arr. v'ilko-l-arr. v'ilko-l-arr. Tii aror;i. m d."o; T. S. "hi ts-tie. ts-tie. ts-tie. lumber; S r Thorn...' i'hai;:!in'?v, iron ore; i ho f ; si. I'iiit.iE". IIh.iip llartneu, i.'j-,ar!t i.'j-,ar!t i.'j-,ar!t sln. il-hani il-hani il-hani NntiiDii'ifCii,;;; Fanay. H I, nian South. :'', S.jpt-rior. S.jpt-rior. S.jpt-rior. I . 1 win ! Hohtiejc. i" h''ii; Ni'tthrr lj'icn. o i-' i-' i-' iMihith, T-f'tio. T-f'tio. T-f'tio. " liniix. V l.-l.rfv. l.-l.rfv. l.-l.rfv. iron or- or- 1, in.lia; (';;;!, . t I t j"'..HV itr"!o No S, 10. i "harlot!, honlnr. Ti:f; ',t; H I, So. Shit ih n-fy. n-fy. n-fy. f rn i j tie on. n oi.r t. t o , r j ior, l.ehiah. n V Thnn '-p.. '-p.. thriRh; nitn. I tr i n. oca I. Smith. liehf. o .in'l, t. Fnthfindei. 11 q i-'is. i-'is. i-'is. Mot!' an Huron. i. -AahtabtiU. -AahtabtiU. : aro l H II i!IEhi. I lent! rota, m.l't; 'i jth. Verona, fir 1 shi, 4 'hit i:o; ol.: N-r?h N-r?h N-r?h se:. Vn!i.!. : ! ri . i . i -:t 1 i P . I .."I. I .'.e r i v- v- . t w I'. -1 -1 Wi i'inm: North Tonaan' 1 1 ; . 1. 'i a n i I : M t-nituflit, t-nituflit, t-nituflit, Th'maa N.i th S: -S-i -S-i -S-i -S-i per-. per-. per-. A ; r ; a - n ; ; V W ivlward ia At.v 1 Sot. lb. 4 or don. C;os r-(i r-(i r-(i .... Arri 'i; F.ihio5e. 4 icardi Iro-l'rr- Iro-l'rr- Iro-l'rr- Iro-l'rr- st. M nor . or! : 'a d Ula c . Ifann.a. f.ftt:tlt'r. Nor ton. H W Fmith, alter S. ronton. I.ornin. o. Ch'arrt: Albrieht. Tim!!r'n, Peavey, Mat,a, J R upaoa. S'.'tiot :i. F.i ie. Fa. Arrived: T' f Krmoitr. 'lored: Wieaahtckon, R M. Stephen-o Stephen-o Stephen-o n . ' a n o sa . Fftirtntrt. Arrived: T'rat C Fall. Thorn it Htrl'im, Fmi'h Thorrp- Thorrp- json, O v, ego. I'onneant. o. Arrived: Feittj-. Feittj-. Feittj-. Clenred: Stesrn, R'm,

Clipped from
  1. The Times Herald,
  2. 08 May 1913, Thu,
  3. Page 7

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